Lamb of God

Lamb of God Bring the Feast To St Louis on July 31st.


In the world of metal, there’s heavy and there’s extra heavy. Richmond, Virginia’s quintet, Lamb of God, are the later.

There’s nothing subtle about their music or their show. Expect mature subject matter, vulgar displays of power, violence, and ear-splitting decibels. If you’re still reading, good, LOG is your kind of band.

The Grammy-nominated metal band has seven full-length albums under their belts, including the groundbreaking debut Burn The Priest and 2015’s VII: Sturm und Drang. Anyone that witnessed their St. Louis show last year at The Pageant, knows they bring it and leave it all on the stage.

Opening LOG’s show at the Pageant, is Gdansk‘s black metal sons, Behemoth. The Polish government considers them Satanists and has recently been banning their shows in their native country. Sounds like something the US audience will welcome with clenched fists and devil horns.

All Ages Show:

A $37.50adv/$42.50dos
$2 Minor Surcharge at Door

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