Puscifer Premieres Pre-Halloween Double-Feature Streaming Multimedia Concert Films On PusciferTV.com


Puscifer, the multi-media music collective led by rock n’ roll Renaissance man Maynard James Keenan, frontman of the legendary Tool and critically acclaimed A Perfect Circle, is ushering in Halloween with two streaming events. The new double-feature concert film entitled “Parole Violator: A Puscifer Concert Film” features live, studio performances of “Conditions of My Parole” and “V Is For Versatile,” interspersed with some hilarious and perverse multi-media footage and colorful, twisted characters, debuted Friday and is now screening on PusciferTV.com for 72 hours on-demand. There’s also limited edition merchandise available as well.

The first streaming video, entitled “V is for Versatile: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring music from the V is for… era,” was filmed and recorded at LA’s legendary Sunset Sound recording studios; this video features live studio and concert performance footage from the core of the Puscifer collective–Keenan, Carina Round, and Mat Mitchell. Also appearing are musical guests guitarist/bassist Greg Edwards (Failure/Autolux), drummer Gunnar Olsen (Big Data), and vocalist Juliette Commagere (Hello Stranger). This intimate, behind-the-scenes finds the band recreating, reinterpreting, and performing this early cut and intersperses some hilarious and perverse cameos from a cast of colorful and twisted characters.

Keenan has stated that inspiration for the new videos, his creative rush, and his need to tour again all stemmed from the pandemic lockdown. Keenan survived not one but two bouts with COVID. Despite that struggle, Keenan and Puscifer are back with a flurry of activity and output.

The second streaming film is entitled “Parole Violator: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring Conditions of My Parole,” which features a storyline and appearances from Special Agent Dick Merkin, Billy D, Major Douche, aliens, and more. It also uses stunning visuals, moody, dramatic lighting, and live performances and closes with a campfire sing-a-long.

The new streaming videos also have album companions available on limited-edition vinyl and CDS. Puscifer’s previous 2020 concert film, “Existential Reckoning: Live At Arcosanti,” broke online attendance records and helped set the band’s precedent for creating an ongoing,  engaging multimedia experience both live and on the net. 

The Puscifer: Existential Reckoning Tour-Let, The Probing Continue, continues to add new tour dates. The band will appear in the St. Louis area with a live show at the Factory STL on November 17th. 

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