Portland-Based Indie Rockers, Forty Feet Tall, New EP “On & On & On” Out Now.


Travel through the Multiverse in energetic “On & On & On” Video
New Rage-filled EP out now on Magnetic Moon
Forty Feet Tall “On & On & On”
“When we went into the studio with this one, we wanted it to feel a little rough around the edges… a little chaotic,” explains Portland-based indie rockers FORTY FEET TALL about their new crazed single “On & On & On.” “The song has an upbeat and playful vibe, but it also has an underlying manic energy to it that we wanted to highlight.” “The video feels like a reflection of this as well. It’s goofy and fun but has a chaotic side.” Taken from their upcoming EP BOIL, which was released this month via Magnetic Moon, the song’s fast-paced video directed by Haydn Cieri (who has previously filmed the band’s former videos for “On/Off” and “Julian”) transports the viewer into high-energy and comedic situations featuring the band in unique outfits (and some familiar outfits) traveling through a multiverse world building off the adrenaline that the track exudes.

“The lyrics place the listener in a surrealist and bizarre world,” explains Forty Feet Tall. “The verses are sharp and angular, the choruses hook you with their pop sensibilities, and the song leaves you with an un-ignorable feeling of manic glee.” “On & On & On” follows the band’s first incendiary single, “BOIL,” which continues to pull Forty Feet Tall in a new genre-bending direction. 
Their upcoming EP, BOIL progresses the band forward, launching from where their previous album, A Good Distraction, left off. While that album was focused mainly on the effects the pandemic and the political climate had on the band, this EP harnesses the adrenaline and angst that being cooped up has created. Already an audience favorite, the lead single “BOIL” starts off taut and tense, escalates quickly, and explodes a few seconds past the one-minute mark. Memorable riffs turn somersaults over relentless grooves on “Big Red Bus” and “Nic Cage.” At any moment, you may think of Archers of Loaf, the Killers, Pavement, or Pixies. Keep listening and uncover more surprises: the curious coda of dreamlike “On & On & On” and the subtle dynamics within “Chin Up.” Forty Feet Tall is a band that consistently creates sharp and focused songs regardless of tempo or volume. 
Forty Feet Tall (hi-res)
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Starting out further down the Pacific Coast in SoCal, Forty Feet Tall began with a childhood friendship between Los Angeles natives Cole Gann (lead singer/guitar) and Jack Sehres (guitar). They started out playing a benefit to save the rainforest but by graduation, had built a following big enough to play on stages, including the Troubadour, Roxy, and the Whiskey. College took Jack to San Francisco and Cole to Portland, but the band continued to perform even as they focused on their studies. Forty Feet Tall then released their self-titled album in 2014, followed a few years later by the Red Dressed EP. Bass player Brett Marquette came aboard in 2017, later adding drummer Ian Kelley which solidified the band. Forty Feet Tall’s hard-edged, the expansive sound drew the attention of television and movie music supervisors. Having songs featured in Showtime’s Shameless, several MTV spots, in the Paramount feature Drunk Wedding, and even an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick (Killing Gunther)
(hi-res artwork)

1.“Big Red Bus”
2. “Nic Cage”
3. “Chin Up”
4. “On & On & On
5. “BOIL
Forty Feet Tall is Cole Gann (vocals/guitar), Brett Marquette (bass), Ian Kelley (drums), and Jack Sehres (guitar). The new EP BOIL was produced by Cameron Spies (Radiation City, Night Heron), and will be released on September 23, 2022, via Magnetic Moon. The manic track and video for “On & On & On” are out now. 

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