Legendary Music Retailer, Amoeba Music, Closes LA Store.


One of the last and greatest music retailers, Amoeba Records Los Angeles, is closing. In addition to the overhead of operating such a massive retail operation with massive square footage and high rents, there was the arrival of the Coronavirus. While Internet sales accounted for a nice slice of revenue, the lion’s share of revenues was due to pilgrims from every corner of the world, that spent hours getting lost in the endless bins of vinyl, CDS, DVDs, posters, and merchandise, and dropped a lot of coin and hit credit card limits. Amoeba LA was the place where the average Angeleno or tourist could rub elbows with famous musicians and LA stars. In addition to the cost in terms of lost jobs and revenues, there’s the loss of community. There’s the loss of getting lost in the music, memories, and good feelings. The good news is Amoeba’s owner says the may reopen in a different location.


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