Fubar St. Louis Re-Opening

Fubar Is Reopening?!


Just when you thought it was dead and gone, the Fubar is resurrected. The St. Louis venue of choice for local bands and national touring acts alike, and the home to sweaty, slamming metal and punk shows, is planning a post-pandemic comeback.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that Missouri venues may resume events, including concerts. Despite the governor’s greenlight, bands, promoters, venue staff, and even many concert-goers are reluctant to rub elbows with fellow music fans. At the same time, the pandemic continues to rage, infect thousands, and kill over 80,000 Americans. It’s hard to practice social distancing in the mosh pit or even in the seats.

A new message appeared on Fubar’s Instagram account today signaling that they’re reopening. While no date was provided, we’re pretty sure nothing can kill the Fubar. We’ll keep you posted.

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