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Cannibal Corpse’s  “Violence Unmitigated” Tour Slays The Sold-Out St. Louis Hordes

Death metal can’t get any respect—from most critics, rock radio, or the Top 40 charts. But, death metal scores and attracts the kind of allegiance and fanaticism...

Tool’s Sold Out St. Louis Sonic & Sensory Overload Satiates.

A Tool concert is always a major happening. As amazing and enthralling as their albums and DVDs are, Tool fans know that live is where the band shines. Like Deadheads...

Gary Clark Jr

Gary Clark, Jr. Delivers, and Then Some, With A Searing Two-Hour Plus Performance at St. Louis’ Stifel Theatre.

Gary Clark, Jr, the Austin-based, Grammy-winning, Southern blues guitar slinger, and his crack band of top-notch players (guitarist and vocalist King Zapata,...


Gojira Delivered Maximum Metal To A Hungry Crowd At The Factory, Saturday Night.

If you ask almost any St. Louis area metal fan what their top pick for the best metal show of 2021 was, there’s a good chance that their answer would […]

Tool Delivers Two Hours of Magic To The St. Louis Faithful.

Tool played to a sold-out crowd at the Enterprise Center on May 13th in St. Louis.

All Them Witches Cast A Spell In St. Louis.

Nashville’s All Them Witches Cast A Musical Spell and Made it Witchy At Blueberry Hill. The assembled crowd of witches and warlocks represented a cross-section of...

Red Fang live

A Show To Sink Your Teeth Into: Red Fang @ the Firebird.

Red Fang at the Firebird in Saint Louis, Missouri on Sept 13th, 2018. A warm summer night in a river city, I buy my much-needed road sodas from the gas station; a...

Jeff Beck live

Jeff Beck: Guitar God, Piercing the Soul Live In St. Louis.

Jeff Beck at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri, July 28th. a concert review by Thomas Mandrafino-Ruzicka Running up the large backside of...


Fister Rise Above The Sink With Their Latest Slab.

FISTER: No Spirit Within album release show at The SinkHole on the 26th of May, 2018. Fister is a band that is hard to pin down, and with as many loose words...

Pinkus bassist

Mega-Low Melvins’ Rumble Returns To Rock The Lou.

The MELVINS at the Ready Room in Saint Louis, Missouri on May 24th of 2018. With the welcome addition of Jeff Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers, the...

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